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Shandong GP. Software Technology Co., Ltd.
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The company has established business relations with many intra-provincial hospitals and kept the long-term strategic cooperation relations with many companies since its establishment, such as Epic Medical Software Company of the United States, DaPa Soft Medical Software Company of Canada, Yonyou Medical Treatment, Beijing Holi Health Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen TPF Intelligent Technology, JoyMain Technology, Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd., China Telecom and other companies. 

Product series independently developed and sold by the company include the software, hardware and relevant devices of Tumor Screening & Management System of Adolescent, Management System of Surgical Operation, Screening System for Fundus Disease of Ophthalmology Department, Medical Management Platform of MCH System, “Sanyuan” Intelligent Platform of Linked & Continued Nursing, Management System of Fixed Assets, Management System of Office Supplies, GP Cloud Health Management System, Intelligent Monitoring System of Healthy Sleep, Network Medical Service Platform of Shandong Province and many other management systems.

The company will deepen its cooperation with Health and Family Planning Commission of Shandong Province and relevant medical units continuously in next few years to make due contribution of Gengbang for informational, intelligent and ecological construction of medical industry at Shandong area!

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