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Shandong MaiGao Genetic Coating Co., Ltd.
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SHANDONG MaiGao Genetic Coating CO; LTD.

There have been a number of approaches to deliver therapeutics at the targeted sites in CAD.

These include use of gene therapy approach using lentiviruses, adenoviruses, retroviruses but none of these are ideal. Often they are not effective and also they often associated with high safety risks. Insect viruses (baculovirus) are Classified as safe, have high transfection efficiency, do NOT induce any immune response, and they are not able to replicate within mammalian cells. Thus, baculovirus is an ideal vehicle to deliver a therapeutic gene to a target tissue. 

MangoGen’s Proof of Concept

Assessment of biofunctionality after 16-weeks, in vivo, of stent coated with nanoparticles contain bioactive Vegf gene.

The effect of uncoated bare metal stent and stents coated either with nanoparticles containing either control baculovirus (coated (-) stent) or baculovirus expressing human Vegf (coated (+) stent) were assessed 16- weeks post stent deployment.

(a) Angiographic analysis showing improved blood flow;

(b) Histomorphometric analysis showing neointimal area [representative crosssectional images of elastic Van Gieson stained femoral arteries];

(c) Percentage stenosis (n=8), and

(d) Mean neointimal area analysis at the stented regions.

MangoGen’s Proof of Concept

MangoGen’s key milestones objectives are to:

?Enhance proof of concept and safety


?Develop industrial prototype and

characterize the new stent stability,

suitability, and therapeutic efficacy in

vitro, and to Investigate short term

and long-term pre-clinical efficacy in

experimental animal models.

? Accumulate all relevant data to

submit a New Drug Application


?Start Clinical Trials.

?Market New Stent.

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